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katsuobushi Bonito atsukezuri
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Katsuobushi Atsukezuri - 100 gr

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Katsuobushi are shavings made of hot smoked, dried and sometimes fermented skipjack tuna (Latin. katsuwonus pelamis) or skipjack tuna (bonito). When you make a stock with it, it's called katsuo-dashi and when its used together with kombu-dashi is called awase-dashi, traditionally used in Japanese washoku cuisine. Katsuobushi contributes to the umami factor due to its containing natural inosinic acid and provides kokumi (depth) to the taste. When it is just smoked (and not fermented) it's called arabushi which has a smokier and deeper fish profile, ideally for thick gyokai tonkotsu's/paitans. The shavings come in different forms, where the thicker cuts are called atsukezuri. This atsukezuri is made by Makurazaki France Katsuobushi, a Japanese quality-controlled company based in France that cuts and cooks the bonitos and then wood smokes the katsuobushi loins and shaves them into the shaved end products itself. The skipjack tuna is sourced only from certified Friend of the Sea/Dolphin Safe boats fishing in the Western Indian Ocean.

You can either make a cold brew by soaking the atsukezuri the night before or soak it in hot water for an hour before cooking. The cooking should take about half an hour to one hour depending on the desired viscosity of the stock. For every 100 grams of atsukezuri 200 ml of waters should be used for thick noukou gyokai doro-kei type stocks. A tonkotsu or paitan stock of 800 ml should be mixed in the end making it a double stock for tonkotsu gyokai style ramen. Also suited for other dashi* types of ramen and taré. For more details and recipes please refer to the book Mastering Ramen: unveiling its secrecies and establishing a ground breaking, comprehensive framework for home schooled ramen fanatics.

Keep in a dry and cool place, away from light. Keep refrigerated and consume soon after opening. Consume before 18 months.


Shipping costs are calculated at the check-out! Shipping in Europa usually takes a few days, to to all other countries it takes several weeks. Please keep in mind that import taxes may be collected at your country.


* for which you only need 100 grams per 1 liter of water.

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