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Kansui - Sodium Carbonate - 500 gr | MasteringRamen Kansui - Sodium Carbonate - 500 gr | MasteringRamen
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Kansui - Sodium Carbonate - 500 gr | MasteringRamen
Kansui - Sodium Carbonate - 500 gr | MasteringRamen

Kansui - Sodium Carbonate - 500 gr

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Sodium carbonate, Na₂CO₃ a.k.a. kansui is an alkaline salt that is essential for making ramen noodles. In Japan ramen noodles can't be called ramen noodles if the noodles don't contain a form of alkaline solution. Kansui consists of several alkaline salts: sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate and sodium biphosphate, that, in general, enhance water absorption and increases the noodle’s extensibility, responsible for their characteristic abilities making it so different than brittle wheat pasta for instance. When the right ratio of alkaline salts is applied, it either gives the noodles a chewy and elastic texture and yellow color - in case of sodium carbonate - or a stiff and firm texture - in case of potassium carbonate. So kansui needs to be used in specific ratios such as:

  • 4:6 sodium to potassium - i.e. refined shio)
  • 2:8 sodium to potassium - i.e. Hakata-style ramen
  • 6:4 sodium to potassium - i.e. chuka soba)
  • etc.

In can also be used in different quantities (in ratio to totall weight of dough), depending on the type of noodle, but most times doesn't exceed 1 to 2 grams per 100 grams of flour. The kansui solution is dissolved in nerimizu or the liquid made by mixing salt, kansui and vitamin B2, before adding it to the dry mix (high protein flour, eggwhite powder and wheat gluten). So kansui is a must having in your kitchen when making authentic ramen noodles. Sodium carbonate comes in packages of 500 gram. Sold apart from our potassium carbonate - which is also sold at our website.


origin: China
Weight: 500 gr
Brand TangGui
Grade: Food grade
Production date: see packaging (Chinese)
Expiry date: 18 months
Reference dosage: see packaging
Storage conditions: sealed and dry place
Distributor: Hubei Sugar Cabinet Food Co., Ltd.

SAFETY WARNING: However keep ik mind that potassium carbonate is a chemical known as a caustic. So don't exceed 1 or 2 grams total on 100 grams of flour. Also keep away from the skin, eyes and mouth as much as possible because in some case it can cause burning or ulcers, However, in aboved mentoined quantities is it totally safe to use.

Shipping is free! We try to keep our prices as low as possible to ascertain accesabillity to professional ramen equipment to everyone in the world, therefore we work with different manufacturers from mainly Asia, which can conclude in longer shipping times, ussually around 2 weeks (maximum 5 weeks, although this doesn't happen often).

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