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Noodle boiler ramen boiling machine ramen cooker ramen noodle boiler
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Noodle boiler
ramen boiling machine
ramen cooker
ramen noodle boiler

IH Noodle Boiler CE standard

€3.300,00 €3.200,00

With this IH industrial grade noodle boiler you can now professionally boil your ramen from your counter top with 7 flat- or round bottomed baskets* at a time, and a total cappacity of 100 meals per hour!  The top consists of a basket holder on which tebo noodle strainers can easy be placed, without having to worry about your noodles spilling into the pot. The adjustable six powerlevels makes it possible to change between peak hours and idle time. It's highspeed powerfull boiling abillity ensures boiling temperature in just 8 minutes. One of its greatest atrributes is that water pot has an outlet trough which you can flow excess water easily out easily (however the pot can be taken out completely at any moment, at which reheating only takes 4 minutes). Combined with a hot water tap you can always replentish otherwise sluggish cooking water, without dropping water temperatures everytime, resulting in less waiting time and production decrease. The water flow will semi-automatically start or stop by turning the tap respectively right of left. Furthermore noodle cooker is very safe to use due to its adjustable side screens which protects you from splashes of boiling water. The RVS is very easy to clean and therefore sanitary. The voltage of 380V~415V can be customizated if wanted, so after ordering we will contact you for specials wishes and needs. 

*) Round bottomed baskets will entangle noodles while flat bottomed basket will disperse noodles.


Size:W650*D750*H830 mm
Weight: 56.8kg
Volatge:3 phase 380V~415V
Voltatge customization: possible 
Pan size:374*165mm
Basket number:7pcs

Free worldwide delivery from our supplier in Tokyo, with an estimated 30 days delivery time, for more details please contact us before purchase at: Make the decission right now for investing in the making of professional ramen!


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